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Discover the 6 Simple Composition Techniques of Pro Landscape Photographers

These techniques will help you create amazing images you are proud of even if you have struggled in the past!

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Quickly Identify compelling compositions making it EASY for you to spot and take great photos!


The 3 tricks pro photographers use to give their images WOW factor, and how you can too! (you will be amazed how simple these are)

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Learn the techniques the worlds greatest photographers have been using for decades and how you can use these to your advantage too!

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GMT - 8am Thur 9 March

PST - Midnight Wed 8 March

EST - 3am Thur 9 March

AWST - 4pm Thur 9 March

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GMT - 9pm Thur 9 March

PST - 1pm Thur 9 March

EST - 4pm Thur 9 March

AWST - 5am Fri 10 March

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GMT - Midnight Fri 10 March

PST - 4pm Fri 10 March

EST - 7pm Fri 10 March

AWST - 8am Sat 11 March

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Who is this online training for?

This workshop is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their landscape photography skills - whether you're a beginner or an experienced photographer. 

I will guide you through the six composition techniques used by pro landscape photographers and you'll be amazed at how simple these techniques are.


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