A Passionate Aussie Landscape Photographer 

I had lost my way in photography as many people I know do, and around 2010 I stumbled across some truly inspirational images taken by travel photographer Trey Ratcliff. This led me to take a course of Trey's that taught me how to do High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography. 

Doing Trey's course lit a fire in my belly and I fell in love with Landscape Photography. These days, HDR is something I hardly use, as camera sensors are so much better at handling high dynamic range scenes. 

I love to get out and about with my camera and have been lucky enough to travel to some amazing places with my camera. Most of all, I love to explore Australia. We have some stunning locations ideal for landscape photography.

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An Adventurous Creator

I was once asked to describe myself with just two words, to sum it up, I love adventure and to create!

It all started when I was a teenager, I can’t even remember why I bought a camera, I just wanted one… I got my first SLR camera before digital cameras even existed! I remember buying it from Cash Converters, I would have been about 17 and it took almost a months’ wages to pay for it! I fell in love with the flexibility of the SLR camera and have been shooting for 20+ years now!

Since those early days I have tried my hand at many different types of photography, I have photographed babies, weddings, kids' sports clubs and live bands to name a few.

A Desire to Inspire

Whilst I absolutely love getting out and capturing my own images, I get more joy from helping others to create their own stunning images. 

Running Photowalks and Photography workshops has been one of the most exciting things I do, and has led me to develop workshops, online groups and courses for people that want to learn how to take creative control over their camera.