My Photography Gear


On this page I have listed all the equipment I use and love. For most products you will see a link to the Amazon store. By clicking on these links you will learn more about each product. These links are affiliate links and I earn a very small commission if you use these links and purchase products from Amazon. Thanks in advance for supporting me! 

Nikon D850 DSLR

I have always beeen a fan of Nikon cameras. When I get asked why I shoot with Nikon, my simple answer is it is what my dad used. In fact, on dad’s 40th birthday he decided to splurge and by himself a Nikon F301 (I have it in my collection now, although, corrosion in the battery compartment seems to have stopped it from working)

The Nikon D850 is an amazing camera. It has so much resolution that I am able to crop panoramic images (Which I love!) and still have a decent file size. The dynamic range means that I rarely shoot HDR, something I was well known for doing many years ago.

Read more about the Nikon d850 and buy one for yourself using this link

FujiFilm XT1 mirrorless

I am actually onto my 3rd XT1. I had one stolen and then sold my last one, in 2021 I had the opportunity to swap an old lens for an XT1 and I decided to grab it. You may be wondering why I would want to continue to shoot with an older version of this camera. I use the XT1 as my general purpose camera, for family snaps and just having with me when I am out and about. I shoot in jpeg and use the film simulation letting the camera take care of the colours and image processing. It is still a great option for anyone wanting a decent camera on a budget, you can pick these up cheap.

Read more about the FujiFilm X Series and buy one for yourself using this link

FujiFilm G617

One of my fascinations is Panoramic Photography. I have always loved the idea of shooting panoramic images without the need to stitch images together. I owned the Hasselblad Xpan years ago and I am still kicking myself for selling it (they have quadrupled in value!) 

Shooting film is a lot of fun and brings a whole new discipline to my shooting. It is where the journey of photography started for me, and I think I will always shoot some film as long as they are making it. 

My go to film is Kodak Ektar, it is forgiving and does a pretty good with dynamic range. Check it out using this link 

Nikon 14-24mm 

If you look through the Exif information for all my shots, you will see I use the Nikon 14-24mm lens 90% of the time. It is my ‘go to’ lens for landscape photography. I have tried the 16-35mm and the 17-35mm lenses, and whilst they have both been great lenses, in my opinion never got me the sharpness or lack of distortion the 14-24mm managed. 
It is a heavy lens and to be honest, a real pain when it comes to using graduated filters. I am guessing when I finally make the switch to the newer Z series of Nikon cameras I will be able to get a lighter setup. For now, this is my number one lens and will remain that way until the D850 is no longer doing the job, or, I get too old to carry heavier gear around. 

Read more about the Nikon 14-24mm Lens and buy one for yourself using this link

Laowa 100mm 2x Macro

I love macro photography too! I have been spending more time working on my macro subjects and decided with the limits of having to stay closer to home in the past year meant that I was visiting local parks and trying to capture insects. 
Setup with a flash is very rewarding when I get the shot. Macro is difficult, a good lens makes it easier. The Laowa is unique, it is a 2x magnification lens. Meaning you fill the frame with much smaller critters, the downside is that the extra magnification means you need a fast shutter speed. 

If you are looking for a great lens, at a great price you cannot go past this lens for macro. Check it out using this link

Nikon 200-500mm 

I have sold my 70-200 as I wasn’t really using it. I found with the full-frame D850 it was good for portraits, but I do not really shoot many portraits. I found I used the 70-200mm more with a teleconverter, after reading reviews on the Nikon 200-500mm Lens I decided to give it a go instead of mucking around with Tc’s. It is a superb lens for the money. I once had a 300mm f2.8, it was awesome but super expensive and fixed at 300mm. This lens is more versatile and great for the money. With a reach of 500mm it means you can have a lot of fun shooting wildlife, and it can be used for portraits if you wanted to. 

Read more about the Nikon 200-500mm Lens and buy one for yourself using this link

Nikon 45mm Tilt Shift

 You may think this is a strange lens for a landscape photographer to have in their kit. The 45mm Tilt Shift makes it extremely easy to take 2 shots that can be stitched together. It is full manual so takes a little getting used to. My only gripe with this lens is that it can be very soft on the edge when shifted all the way. You have to make sure your settings are correct or you will be disspointed with the results. Also great for architecture (as it was intended).
The other fun you can have with this lens is the ability to make a ‘minature’ looking scene. 

If you are looking for a great lens for creating Panoramic images. Check it out using this link

Really Right Stuff TVC-33

When it comes to getting a sharp image, the most overlooked accessory I think, is your tripod. I had tried so many cheaper tripods before getting the Really Right Stuff TVC-33, and found them to be fiddly and not as stable as I would have liked. 
It is made from carbon fibre and has no centre column. This makes it lightweight and easy to get very low to the ground, which is ideal in particular for Macro Photography.
The other benefit with the Really Right Stuff tripods is that they are easy to take apart for cleaning and maintaining. 
Parts are also readily available if something breaks or wears out.
If you are after a tripod that will outlast you, then this is it! 

Read more about Really Right Tripods and buy one for yourself using this link

Really Right Stuff BH-55 Ball Head

When you see the Really Right Stuff gear price, you almost need a set of paddles and someone to restart your heart! The BH-55 ball head is no exception. It is ridiculous how much they charge for these, but somehow, they have us paying for them! 
I love my BH-55, it is the only ball head that has never let me down. I know when it is locked off it won’t move. It is easy to use and just does the job. You rarely see any of the Really Right Stuff on the second-hand market, and the reason is that once you have it, you will not let it go!

If you are looking for a sturdy ball head for your tripod, you will not be disappointed with the BH-55 from Really Right Stuff. If you want a smaller cheaper version, the BH-30 would probably do the job just fine. Check it out using this link